A unique coffee for life’s unique moments


„that’s caffellini“


Awaken your senses


CaffelliniGUSTOObalCaffellini Espresso Gusto, 1 kg whole bean, 70% Arabica, 30% Robusta

Uniquely balanced, sweet flavor, floral tones reminiscent of dried fruits and delicate chocolate. Ideal for refined taste buds and coffee lovers looking for a high quality coffee.

22,00 €


CaffelliniDOLCEObalCaffellini Crema Dolce, 1 kg whole bean, 85% Arabica, 15% Robusta

The full-bodied, smooth and rich flavor of Crema Dolce makes it one of the most popular varieties. A balanced, velvet smooth cream mixture of Arabica and Robusta. Typical Italian flavor with light tones of cocoa and pepper. It has a full, long-lasting crema.csc-tr-150x150

24,00 €


A unique coffee for life’s unique moments. „that’s Caffellini“



CaffelliniPlatinumObalCaffellini Platinum, 1 kg whole bean, 100% Arabica

Long-lasting, sweet and smooth flavor, intense fruity and floral aroma with a soft hint of chocolate. Low-caffeine. Ideal for those looking for a coffee with an aristocratic perfection.


26,00 €



CaffelliniBIOHeavenObalCaffellini Bio Heaven, 100% Arabica

This 100% Arabica bean coffee of the highest quality from Central and South America features low caffeine content and is sourced from organic, FAIRTRADE® certified sources, meaning the entire production and packaging process has no environmental impact. The coffee is particularly sweet and smooth with an intense aroma of fruit and citrus tones.

28,00 €

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